Kevin Maloney, President of the BAR-C Board of Directors, is a 5th generation rancher from Tomales, CA and owner of Fallon Hills Ranch. Fallon Hills Ranch is a multi-generation family ranch, raising animals humanely, sustainably and with love from their home to yours. They work towards a more healthy and happy community. You can find them at Northern CA Farmers Markets and purchase from their online webstore.

Adam Parks, Vice President of the BAR-C Board of Directors, is the Co-Owner of Victorian Farmstead Meat Company with his wife Laura. Located in Sebastopol, CA Victorian Farmstead sources Hyper-Local, Pasture Raised meats from a small group of ranchers in Northern California. They have a butcher shop in Sebastopol, attend Farmers markets all over Northern CA and ship all over the western United States.

Sarah Silva, Treasure of the BAR-C Board of Directors, operates Green Star Farm  in Sebastopol, CA. A former Program Manager for the NASA Education and Public Outreach Group at Sonoma State University, she holds a B.S. in Physics and has been an entrepreneur and business owner for well over 15 years.​

Marcia Barinaga, Secretary of the BAR-C Board of Directors, owns Barinaga Ranch with her husband Corey Goodman. Barinaga Ranch raises sheep in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way, while continuing the ancient shepherding traditions of Marcia’s Basque family and ancestors. Their mission is to produce high quality, wholesome food and fiber in a way that sustains our land and our community, and to sell that food and fiber locally to enrich our community.

Kathy Webster, BAR-C Director, is the Food Advocacy manager for TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, CA. In 2008, she helped launch the ranch’s grassfed beef business, LeftCoast GrassFed. As part of TomKat Ranch’s goal to inspire 1 million California rangelands to be managed regeneratively, Kathy leads the Ranch’s Fork to Farm initiative focused on shifting demand for healthy, regenerative products with consumers, chefs, schools, and hospitals. Kathy also works with the Office of Kat Taylor to secure state funding for public school food programs.

Duskie Estes, BAR-C Director, is co-owner of Black Pig Meat Co. with her husband John Stewart. Well know nationally as a celebrity chef, Duskie’s real passion lies in making sure that chefs have access to local, sustainably raised animals. You can find Black Pig Bacon online and at many retail locations.

Guido Frosini, Bar-C Director, is the owner of True Grass Farms. True Grass Farms is a family operated farm in Tomales, CA and specializes in regenerating landscapes and restoring water cycles by increasing diversity of plants and biological communities. You can find True Grass Farms products at Bay Area Farmers Markets and various convenient pick up locations.

Sam Cohen is the owner of SoMar Farms. SoMar Farms hugs the border between Sonoma and Marin counties, and raises grass fed and finished beef and lamb.   Their mission is to produce delicious and nutritious food for our community by using regenerative agricultural practices that prioritize the well-being of the planet, animals, and people involved. You can access their incredible beef and lamb through their web site.

Seth James, BAR-C Director, is co-owner of Open Field Farm  with his wife Sarah. Open Field Farm is a diversified farm, raising grass fed beef, sheep, and pastured eggs, while also growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, dry corn, flowers, and small grains.  All of their food is distributed through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.


Tara Firma Farms is a regenerative family run farm specializing in grass-fed beef, pasture raised pork and organic pastured eggs. Their mission is to raise the healthiest animals possible and to create a vibrant community; all while taking care of the land and our greater environment, and producing the tastiest meat.  Tara Firma Farms runs a Community Supported Agriculture program that offers both home delivery and pick up sites all over the bay area; offering their own meat along with other locally curated products that support a wider network of small local farms.

Nikki Ausschnitt and Steve Krieg started a small, diversified family farm in Anderson Valley naming it Petit Teton Farm. They discovered that nearly everything grew in the Mediterranean climate so they built a commercial kitchen in order to preserve their harvests. Their motto is, “We grow it. We can it.” In addition to the wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown, we also raise squab pigeons, chickens, rabbits, ducks, pigs, cows and yaks. We sell our organically raised
meats, eggs, and canned goods from the farm, which is open to visitors, and at farmers’
markets locally and in the bay area, and we are happy to ship our canned goods.