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Soon, this will be the place to go for becoming a member, submitting harvest schedules, checking account balances, etc. In the meantime, feel free to email us with any questions or concerns! For now, feel free to view the list of our members below:

Barinaga Ranch
About Us:

Marcia Barinaga, Secretary of the BAR-C Board of Directors, owns Barinaga Ranch with her husband Corey Goodman. Barinaga Ranch raises sheep in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way, while continuing the ancient shepherding traditions of Marcia’s Basque family and ancestors. Their mission is to produce high quality, wholesome food and fiber in a way that sustains our land and our community, and to sell that food and fiber locally to enrich our community.

Website: Barinaga Ranch

Black Pig Meat Co.
About Us:

Duskie Estes, BAR-C Director, is co-owner of Black Pig Meat Co. with her husband John Stewart. Well know nationally as a celebrity chef, Duskie’s real passion lies in making sure that chefs have access to local, sustainably raised animals. You can find Black Pig Bacon online and at many retail locations.

Website: Black Pig Meat Co.

EatitMakeitGrowit, LLC
About Us:

Eat it, Make it, Grow it at Hidden Pond Farm in Fulton, CA originated when Chef & Farmer Jack Herron combined his two passions into one, to bring farming and cooking full circle.  The farm focus is centralized on soil heath in relation to pasture rotated heritage breed swine, chickens, goats and diversified crops and single origin spices, as well as many other home essentials and general use goods.

Website: Eat it Make it Grow it

Fallon Hills Ranch
About Us:

Kevin Maloney is owner of Fallon Hills Ranch. He is the fifth generation raised on the Maloney Ranch and started his business in 1981 with a small 4-H market and breeding flock of lambs. It has since grown to provide ranch-raised meats and farm fresh eggs just as his ancestors Adolpf Gericke and Ellen Fallon had done 150 years ago.

Website: Fallon Hills Ranch

Farmer Joy
About Us:

Farmer Joy collects eggs from ducks and chickens that enjoy the pastured life on her family's 6th generation farm in West Marin County's Chileno Valley. What started as twelve chicken hens to lay eggs for the family table has grown over the past 5 years to 1000 laying hens and 80 duck hens. The farm pastures have been certified organic by a neighboring dairy family who rents some of the land. She sells a large variety of meats and farm fresh goods on her website.

Website: Farmer Joy

Fogline Farm
About Us:

Caleb Barron is the owner and farmer of Fogline Farm, which has been in operation since 2009, when Johnny Wilson began leasing a beautiful 40-acre apple orchard in the Soquel hills above Santa Cruz. In 2014 Caleb took over ownership and management and currently produces pasture raised broilers and heritage hogs.

Website: Fogline Farm

Green Star Farm
About Us:

Sarah Silva, Treasure of the BAR-C Board of Directors, operates Green Star Farm in Sebastopol, CA. A former Program Manager for the NASA Education and Public Outreach Group at Sonoma State University, she holds a B.S. in Physics and has been an entrepreneur and business owner for well over 15 years.​

Website: Green Star Farm

Hands Full Farm
About Us:

Anna Erickson is the proprietor of Hands Full Farm that has been in her family since 1897 when it was purchased by her great-great grandfather. Their ranch is located in beautiful Valley Ford, CA and produces chickens, turkeys, eggs, beef and lamb raised on pasture the old-fashioned way, with non-industrial methods of farming.

Website: Hands Full Farm

Harley Farms Goat Dairy
About Us:

Harley Farms is a quaint goat dairy located in beautiful Pescadero, CA. They produce farmstead cheeses, farm honey,  jams, jellies, vinegars, goat milk soaps and lotions. They also host private farm dinners, farm tours, weddings and company events.

Website: Harley Farms Goat Dairy

Magruder Ranch
About Us:

The Magruder Ranch has been owned and operated by the Magruder Family for six generations in Potter Valley, CA. They raise grass fed and pasture finished beef and lamb for wholesale purchasing. They regularly supply whole carcasses to many restaurants and butcher shops in the North Bay Area.

Website: Magruder Ranch

Oakridge Angus Ranch
About Us:

Now in its 3rd generation, Oakridge Angus Ranch had been in the LaFranchi for over a 100 years. It is run by Cheryl LaFranchi and her husband, large animal veterinarian, Dr Frank Mongini. The Angus graze on lush, native grasses and drink from natural spring water originating throughout the ranch. Shop their grass fed beef at Sonoma County Meat Co.

Website: Oakridge Angus Ranch

Oakville Grocery Co.
About Us:

The Oakville Grocery is very old, one of California’s oldest still-operating retail businesses. It stood in 1874 where it stands today: near the center of a one-acre square abutting the main north/south county road (now Highway 29) and an east/west road, now the Oakville Crossroad. Oakville Grocery was bought in 2018 by winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset and provides fabulous food and beverages sourced from quality local ingredients.

Website: Oakville Grocery

Root Down Farm
About Us:

Dede Boies started farming because she “loved the work and the simplicity of planting a seed and growing something that’s edible.” But it wasn’t long before she discovered another passion: humanely raising healthy and happy animals. For the last six years, she’s run Root Down Farm in Pescadero,CA where she raises chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs in a pasture-based system.

Website: Root Down Farm

Rossotti Ranch
About Us:

The Rossotti’s story begins in the mountains of Switzerland, well over a hundred years ago. After immigrating to the United States in 1892, Julie and Tony Rossotti’s great great grandfathers worked side-by-side to establish the ranching community of west Marin. Today, Julie and Tony continue the ranching traditions of a combined nine generations to produce some of the most humane and sustainable pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, as well as duck and chicken, available in the United States.

Website: Rossotti Ranch

SoMar Farms
About Us:

Sam Cohen is the owner of SoMar FarmsSoMar Farms hugs the border between Sonoma and Marin counties, and raises grass fed and finished beef and lamb.   Their mission is to produce delicious and nutritious food for our community by using regenerative agricultural practices that prioritize the well-being of the planet, animals, and people involved. You can access their incredible beef and lamb through their web site.

Website: SoMar Farms

Sonoma Hills Ranch, LLC
About Us:

Sonoma Hills Ranch, LLC is located in the Valley of the Moon foothills just east of Santa Rosa. What started as something as simple as raising a few goats to help with hillside fire protection has evolved into an active Boer goat meat operation for John who is the managing partner at Linkenheimer LLP CPA's. Their goat meat can be found at local restaurants and at Sonoma County Meat Co.

Website:  Sonoma Hills Ranch, LLC

Sonoma Mountain Beef Co.
About Us:

Sonoma Mountain Beef Company was founded by Jamie Mickelson's passion to offer high quality, humanely raised, locally processed, delicious beef products. After graduating with a master's degree in Ag Business from Cal Poly, Jamie moved back home to manage her family farm and expand the beef business into her own branded beef enterprise.

Website: Sonoma Mountain Beef Company

Takenoko Farms
About Us:

Takenoko Farms is located in beautiful Windsor, CA and they produce a variety of products including pork, chicken, duck and a variety of fruits and vegetables.  You can find their products at local farmers markets, including Windsor and Santa Rosa.

Facebook: Takenoko Farms

Tara Firma Farm
About Us:

A historical dairy farm up until the 1950s, Tara Firma Farm's now rotationally grazed pasture land was purchased by Tara and Craig Smith in part with a grant from the Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District in 2009. The Squire-Eldridge family purchased the farm from Tara in 2016. Since that time there has been a strong focus on holistic farming. Through the farm's production, and their network with family farms throughout Sonoma and Marin counties, they are able to provide pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and turkey to families in California along with organic fruit, eggs, cheese, and vegetables through CSA subscription and their farm store.

Website: Tara Firma Farms

Tomkat Ranch
About Us:

TomKat Ranch is an 1,800 acre grass fed cattle ranch in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their team of ranchers, scientists, and advocates look to nature to guide their landscape management to support their values. They use livestock grazing to grow healthy soil, support diverse and vibrant rangelands, and produce nutritious food for the community. Their Fork to Farm partnerships aim to change the way society eats in order to accelerate producer adoption of regenerative agriculture.

Website: TomKat Ranch

True Grass Farm
About Us:

Established in 2012 by Guido and Emily Frosini, True Grass Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located four miles east of the Pacific coast and tucked within the coastal valleys of northwestern Marin county.  They offer beef, lamb and goat raised meat for purchase through their website and at  Farmer's Markets. They also partner with local farms to fill CSA subscriptions.

Website: True Grass Farms

Twisted Horn Ranch
About Us:

Owned by Kristine and David Beck, Twisted Horn Ranch raises some of the finest Longhorn cattle in Bloomfield, CA. Dave's fascination with the Longhorn breed started by chance while on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon. While Dave likes the lovely Black Angus to work with, both he and Kristine prefer  the Longhorn beef on their dinner table. Their 100% free range, grass fed beef boasts a savory, delicious flavor we bet you’ll love.  You can buy a variety of premium cuts of beef online or at their ranch.

Website:  Twisted Horn Ranch

Victorian Farmstead Meat Co.
About Us:

Adam Parks is the owner of Victorian Farmstead Meat Co., a local retail butcher shop located in the Sebastopol Community Market at the Barlow Center in Sebastopol, CA. Victorian Farmstead Meat Co provides a connection between local producers of sustainably raised meats and the local consumer.  All meat products are raised on pasture, within the confines of what is best for the animal.

Website: Victorian Farmstead Meat Co.

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